Why Plant a Tree? 

The following list, which comes from information provided at TreeLink by Glenn Roloff at the USDA Forest Service, gives just a few of the benefits we receive from trees.

  • One acre of forest absorbs six tons of carbon dioxide and puts out four tons of oxygen.
  • Trees give people recreational opportunities and provide habitat for wildlife.
  • Shade from trees cools hot streets and parking lots. Cities are "heat islands" that are 5-9 degrees hotter than surrounding areas.
  • Trees help recharge ground water and sustain streamflow.
  • Trees prevent or reduce soil erosion and water pollution.
  • Depending on their location, trees can reduce utility bills for air conditioning in residential homes and commercial buildings by 15-50 percent.
  • Windbreaks around homes can be shields against wind and snow and heating costs can be reduced by as much as 30 percent.
  • Trees along rivers, streams, and lakes reduce water temperatures by their shade, prevent or reduce bank erosion and silt, and provide hiding places for improving fisheries habitat.
  • Trees are valuable as commemoratives of deceased loved ones and for passing on something of value to future generations.

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Our programs funded by our sales include conservation planning assistance on public and private lands, soil survey reports, conservation tree seedling sales, bulb sales, training workshops, technical assistance, conservation education programs like the Envirothon, and environmental education scholarships & internships to BCC & UMass students.

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